The hydrotherapy pool system uses water for health and treats various health complaints such as arthritis, rheumatic complaints, and other ailments. Although it resembles swimming pool, it is different in that it requires the individual to perform different exercises in a warm pool of water. The water temperature in the pool is around 34ºC. This water is much warmer than what you will find in a regular swimming pool.

Hydrotherapy treatment is usually done in the physiotherapy section of a hospital. A physiotherapist with special training administers these exercises. You will often find other movement health practitioners who can also perform this specialist treatment, including an exercise physiologist

Hydrotherapy dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome when Egyptian royalty bathed in oil and Roman Baths were frequented by citizens of the time, there is also historical evidence of therapy being used in far eastern regions such as China and Japan – where the Hot water is often used for bathing. In these times hydrotherapy is used only as a relaxation tool, only in the 19th century when Hydrotherapy began to resemble the therapy that exists in today’s society.

GRANDPOOL offers the best quality hydrotherapy pool design and build services with designs that can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. We always prioritize beauty and safety in every process of making our pools, from excavation, construction, plumbing installation, jetspa, circulation pumps, and water purification/water treatment processes.

Hydrotherapy Design

Hydrotherapy Benefits

  • Better walking technique.
  • Improved aerobic fitness level.
  • Increased strength of weak muscles.
  • Increased joint movement.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Material & Others

Options for the shape of swimming pool can be adjusted to your function and taste, generally it has 3 types of shapes;

  • Free form – namely a natural shape and nuanced nature, the pool tends to be curved and circular.
  • Geometric form – where the shape of the pool is made symmetrical in the form of a cube or a rectangle.
  • Mixed form – that can combine circle and square shapes or arch shapes according to your taste variations.

Determining the size of pool is very important, because installation of plumbing (pipe installation) and the selection of machines and water circulation system tools must be done properly to avoid damage to the installation of pool equipment and waste from maintenance side.

Errors in calculating the size of the pool and circulation system can result in waste in the use of chemicals to purify water, excessive water wastage (draining the filter / cleaning the pool) and wasting energy (electricity / gas).

The selection of a pool pump must be adjusted to the size, volume of water and the use of the pool because the circulation and filtering system of water may differ, depending on the plumbing and the type of circulation system that is suitable (main drain, overflow, skimmerbox, etc.). Or expert will make sure to get the best results; durable pumps and plumbing, minimal maintenance costs for maximum results, high and stable water cleanliness and clarity. We work with WATERCO, a well-known multinational company that provides equipment and accessories around the pool. For more info visit : www.poolspamartindonesia.com

Selection of ceramic tiles for the pool can be adjusted to the desired nuance and design, not only affecting the overall look and feel, ceramics in the pool also affect the color and clarity of pool water. The color and clarity of the water may change depending on different natural lighting (sunlight) in the morning, afternoon and evening and artificial lighting (pool lights, outdoor lights). We collaborate with a multinational ceramic and mosaic specialist company Ezarri, for more information visit his website at: www.poolspamartindonesia.com

The water in Hydrotherapy pool has a warm temperature that will provide relaxation and comfort, the choice of heating machines varies can use a gas, electric, or heat-pump engine. Our professional team of pool construction specialists can help you to ensure maximum results efficiently.

Regular pool maintenance needs to be done to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of the water, in addition to appearance and aesthetics. The condition of the water is also important because it can have an impact on the comfort and health of pool users. Untreated pools can become a breeding ground for disease and bacteria that can pose a risk of causing skin, eye irritation, disease, etc. The use and control of disinfectants such as Chlorine, Salt, Sodium Thiosulfate must be in accordance with the size of the pool, volume of water, weather conditions and use of the pool. To get the acidity level of water pH and the right disinfectant content, you can go through the DPD Water Testing Kit (2 in 1 / 4 in 1) process.