Word From The Founder

“Starting from good intention and get good result.”

The little one with extraordinary will, we breakthrough sauna and steam business as a pioneer with commitment to achieve our goal. Everything starts small, with discipline and commitment, all struggles will not be in vain. Because it is our responsibility to grow bigger, that’s what motivates our team. To be the best business without compromising safety and comfort for customers.

Starting from the materials we use no matter how small we are detail oriented on each stages until finishing. Everything goes through testing and our standard for eco friendly and quality.

Because there is no product in the world that holds the best quality if continuous development is not applied. We do it for customer satisfaction and to build our reputation and trust with our customers.

Started with the first business  GRANDSAUNA since 2007 we have been producing high quality and luxurious sauna for Hotels, Apartment and Residences.

We design and build; safety, comfortable and beneficial swimming pool and spa pool.

GRANDPOOL makes a new breakthrough with new designs that educates swimming pool and spa users that are safe, hygienic, high quality, and beneficial for the users. From time to time we make changes for the better to provide the best results for customer satisfaction.


With the best service to consumers,  GRANDPOOL has been recognized as the best pool contractor to date, for the satisfaction of our customers after they entrusted the construction of swimming pools, whirlpools, cold plungers, onsen and hydro-pool to GRANDPOOL and saw for themselves the results of the quality of our work.

Many other pool and spa pool contractors attempted to duplicate pool designs created by GRANDPOOL, but none of them can keep up with our high consistency of standards. After seeing the result you can see the difference because all our projects are carried out by our design team, professional architects, pool and spa specialists. That’s what sets us apart from the others.